What is the purpose of asking our children to learn an instrument?

Is it because we want them to stop texting or playing video games by going to their rooms and making some noise - even for ten minutes?


Or do we want them to have the capability of performing very complex, sophisticated (and extremely difficult) instrumental music, to become another Mozart or Segovia or Joshua Bell?


We spend lots of money and time on music lessons, but finally our child may quit and never go back again.  We provide all thode magical, unbelievably intresting gadgets such as a Smart phone, iPad, or PlayStation with many games - and then we ask them to set them aside and practice for hours.


Don´t we really just want our children - willingly and for the rest of their lives  - to play their instrument well, enjoy the experience, and be proud of themselves, creating a goog level of self-confidence. Is this not what we want?