No arguments about practicing

Children are different, and families are different. There is not one rule that works for everyone. Do not push your children to practice. Parents often will have dailyarguments with a child about practicing. The frequent result is that the child practices resentfully, if at all. Eventually, the parent or child (or both) simply stops the lessons.


Forcing a child to practice often brings about an aversion to the instrument. If youhaven´t had such an experience, you may ask other families. There are more people who have quit than people who have continued to play an instrument. Children whowish to quit will do so as soon as they are older and the parents can no longer force them to practice. You, yourself, might have had such difficulties with practicing when you were young, and may now regret that you stopped. You may not have realized that this situation was not really your fault.


There is an alternative school of thought among music teachers that prevents this dilemma. Parents are asked not to pressure a child to practice. Please continue reading to learn more about this method, wich I habe used very successfully.

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