Behdad Moghaddasi is a celebrated guitarist, composer and teacher, He studied music at Tehran University. His talent was quickly noticed leading to performances with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, the Bahman Symphony Orchestra. He also was a professor at Tehran Azad university.




1. We are living in a different 21st century world. Several years ago I started a research project about the effect of new technology such as iphone, ipad, gaming system, Facebook, on the student's desire to practice an instrument.

I finished my research and published all my work on my website and The YouTube channel. I need to mention that the word "practice" implies commitment. No one wants to commit to something that they don‘t know about or understand, especially children. So when they find out that they have committed to "practice" which is a difficult thing to do, they will do their best to avoid this commitment as soon as they can. Most of the time they are successful.

There are about 700 videos proving that this system works. You will see how senior citizens, scientists, physicians, even guitar teachers, have developed their technique on playing an instrument with this coaching method.

2. This system is not to keep children busy or out of trouble (for that we need a babysitter). This system is designed to teach your children to play an instrument successfully. Love brings practice. Most of the time, force doesn't work.


3. I am so confident in this approach that I offer my services free of charge initially. When parents or students find my work interesting, we will set up a schedule for ongoing sessions. There is absolutely no obligation during the initial period which typically includes at least 4 sessions.


4. This is not a curriculum limited to playing some chords on the guitar. This is instruction in the classical guitar, the most challenging of instruments. As you see on my videos, my students easily play many styles of classical music, Flamenco, and so on.

All parents want to have their children find an activity that will enrich their lives. My students enjoy being accomplished, having the joy of music for a lifetime.

Watch BMS GUITAR JOURNEY on YouTube and witness my students' progress over the time that they worked with me.