Q. How do I know Behdad is the best instructor?

    A.  Behdad has taught guitar to students of all backgrounds, experience and talent over the past 30 years. He will customize his program for you.

Q. What is the Enrolment Fee?

    A.   There is no enrollment fee and there are no hidden costs.

Q. What is the free Introductory Package?

    A.  Behdad  offers a free Introductory package. This provides you with an opportunity to experience his expertise at no financial risk before becoming an enrolled student.

Q. I may not have talent for music. Can I still learn how to play the guitar?

    A.   Everybody can learn how to play and enjoy the guitar. Your level of accomplishment will be maximized with Behdad’s help.

Q. Are home lessons offered?

    A.  Yes. If a student lives near Behdad’s home/studio.

Q. Do I need to bring a guitar to the lesson? 

    A.  You are encouraged to bring your own guitar to the lesson. If you don’t have a guitar or if you do, but you don’t want to bring it along, Behdad can provide both acoustic and electric guitars for any age and in any size at his home studio.

Q. Do I need to bring anything else to my lesson?

    A.  Behdad will provide you with all music and study guides which you will use and bring with you to each lesson.

Q. Do you present students recitals?

   A.  Yes. Several times a year students have the opportunity to play for an audience. The first opportunity is the Guitar Festival in Philadelphia, which is held every April. The second opportunity is Behdad’s own guitar festival, which is generally held in Wayne in November. Additionally, he organizes private concerts for his adult students every two to three months.

Q. How old does the student have to be to start lessons?

    A.  Children from the age of 5 years are successful guitar students.

Q. What is the parents’ role?

    A.   Behdad attends to the entire musical educational needs of the guitar lesson for children. Parents do not need to do anything.

Q. Do you teach music theory?

    A.  Behdad sets great value on a good musical education and teaches music theory appropriate to the student

Q. Are group lessons offerd?

    A.  Usually private lessons are offered as the most effective way for a student learn. However, group lessons are available for family members.

Q. When can we start the lessons?

    A.   Your lesson can start immediately, by appointment, at a mutually convenient time.

Q. On which days and at which times are lessons scheduled?

    A.   Lessons are scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Q. How often are lessons scheduled?

    A.  Ideally, lessons are scheduled once per week, otherwise once every other week.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

    A.   If you need to cancel your lesson for any reason, we will schedule a make-up session.

Q. How long is each lesson?

    A.  Lessons for adults are approximately 60 minutes. Lessons for children are 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the age of the child.

Q. Can we change to a different day after we got started?

    A.  Yes, that’s usually possible.

Q. What if I have more Questions that Were Not Addressed on this Page?

    A.   Send Behdad your questions by email or simply give him a call.


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