Behdad is a celebrated guitarist, composer and teacher, He studied at Tehran University. His talent was quickly recognized leading to performances with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, the Bahman Symphony Orchestra and the Tehran Chamber Orchestra. He also was a professor at Tehran Azad University.

Upon immigrating to the United States in 2000, Behdad embarked on a career in both performing and teaching - he is sought after for master class instruction. Behdad has performed and been interviewed on WHYY, Philadelphia's public broadcating station.

He is active with the Classical Guitar Society of Philadelphia.

Behdad has also held various educational Workshops both in Tehran and the United States. These workshops include a workshop on 20th century guitar: the studies of Villa Lobos and Leo Brouwer at Tehran University, a Workshop on contemporary and Programmatik music at University of Tehran. From 2004-2008 he also held various workshops on Baroque and Modern music. He has given master classes at the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society Festivals on the understanding of rhythm in chamber music performances.

The current Videos represents a fraction of Behdad`s compositions. He has Performed these pieces in various Venues in Germany, Canada and across America.